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BLOG: Community Talk
#JUNIPERDAYONEMILLION - In Their Own Words: Premesh Shah
Apr 30, 2019

PremeshShah500.png“I still remember when my friend Diogo Montagner (author and coauthor of multiple books) reached out to me and suggested I write a Day One book. I had a lot of hesitation (whether I could be a writer, whether I had the free time). I started writing my first ever book, which took me more than a year, and also two continents (I relocated from Asia to USA during the tenure). I also remember visiting four continents during the course of the book to finish it (a lot of plane time). I still feel that was great advice from my friend and the best decision I have ever made – to give something back to this amazing industry. I still receive compliments on the book and the work which has been done on JSNAPy from customers, partners, and from within Juniper. And the question from many is always: What next? I’m still thinking about that, but once found, I won’t hesitate at all.”