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BLOG: Community Talk
#JUNIPERDAYONEMILLION - In Their Own Words: Stefan Fouant
Apr 30, 2019

stefan500.png“My latest recipe in the new Day One: Juniper Ambassadors’ Cookbook 2019 is about a Low Risk Methodology for Deploying Firewall Filters. Over the years I have worked with several large Service Providers and Fortune 500 Enterprises assisting in efforts to more safely secure the boundaries of their networks. And although there have been many excellent treatises dealing with the subject of how to implement firewall filters on Junos-based devices, I’ve never come across anything which covered risk mitigation schemes towards deployment. So I wrote this recipe to cover a technique that I’ve used, and likely many other knowledgeable subject matter experts use, in order to share this technique with a broader audience. My hope is that the reader will utilize this methodology in their own networks to more safely implement firewall filters without concern for unintended downtime.”




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