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BLOG: Community Talk
#JUNIPERDAYONEMILLION - In Their Own Words: Tom Dwyer
Apr 14, 2019

Tom-Dwyer500.png“Unlike most authors, I wouldn’t say that writing is my first love. I have always been more of a student of math and science. I love facts and repeatable outcomes. I have always been able to articulate and explain things but putting them into the written word takes a different talent. It’s easy to do something that is natural and you are good at, but less so when it’s something that isn’t a core skill. That being said, I have always wanted to be a technical author. My first taste of the writing process was as a technical editor on one of the Day Oneguides. I was able to see the breakdown of the Day One authoring process. After watching the editors and how they guide you through the process, it starts to get less scary. The Day One: Juniper Ambassadors’ Cookbook 2018 was my opportunity to get my first taste of this firsthand with writing. The amazing thing is seeing the final product after all of the editing, changes, and magic behind the scenes. I remember getting the published copy in the mail and seeing your own name in print – that helps to cement it’s real. I know this overall experience will help me in the future.”



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