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BLOG: Community Talk
#JUNIPERDAYONEMILLION - In Their Own Words: Walter Goralski
Apr 19, 2019

WalterGoralski500.png“I took a first edition CLI book (by Sean Clarke) and a second “system basics” book from Ian Jarrett and merged them into a more meaningful package that was both short and had good impact (sounds easy, but it was quite a challenge considering overlaps and the updates I tested on our own systems). I thought the pair were both gone from Juniper, but then I met Clarke at a conference and he blessed the whole rewrite, and so did Jarrett (who had left Juniper and then returned). In the end, I reorganized and updated the entire content and retained the original authors’ names because I wanted to acknowledge their initial contributions. I let the idea of “What are the most important things that I would look for if I was new to Juniper products and the Junos CLI?” guide me. My decisions and instincts at the reorganization and expansion have proved to be correct, judging by the number of downloads.”