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BLOG: Community Talk
Join the J-Net Community’s data center celebration on @JNetCommunity!
Sep 5, 2018

Hey all! It’s time for our J-Net Community to make a social splash.


Juniper was recently named a leader in data center networking!


What a better way to celebrate than by participating in a fun, upcoming  @JNetCommunity Twitter event! The event will not only test your knowledge of the data center marketplace but also show the world that the J-Net Community is active in data center networking.


Here’s the breakdown:


Starting the 10th of September, I will tweet a data center Juniper fact every day for 15 days at 9:00 am/PDT from @JNetCommunity. The event will end on the 28th of September.  It’s meant to get you excited about the big Juniper customer conference in Las Vegas, NXTWORK 2018.  Are you going?


Follow @JNetCommunity on Twitter right now. Then simply retweet the data center ‘Fact of the Day’ tweets as they are posted daily. There’s no time limit, no rules, no sign up.  Just get in the habit of retweeting @JNetCommunity tweets and strengthen our J-Net Community’s social presence.


Again, be sure you are following us on Twitter @JNetCommunity.  Not on Twitter? Sign up today and engage with us all year long.


Once again, I’d like to say THANK YOU to all who continue to contribute to the success of our community. You rock!  And now, LET'S RETWEET! Smiley Very Happy


-Jeremiah, J-Net Community Manager



Sep 5, 2018
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Looking forward to seeing everyone at NXTWORK.



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