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Juniper Lab Madness - It's Game Time Competition!
Mar 22, 2013

It’s game time and our first annual Juniper

Lab Madness competition is here!

Featuring the great work of our community members across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, this is a chance to let our fans and followers decide which lab setups they want to hear more about!  Our very own community members will decide who wins the coveted title of 2013 Juniper Lab Madness Champion as lab setups will be pitted against each other.




Each match-up participant will receive a virtual badge to add to their photo. Each badge will indicate which round they won as we lead up to the finals.


Grand Prize:

- Your photo turned into a graphic declaring you the 2013 Juniper Lab Madness Champion

- Q&A interview with a Juniper expert featuring you and your setup




Beginning on March 27th, we will post one matchup across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn per day. Our communities will be presented two setups and will be asked to comment or reply with the name of the setup they would like to learn more about. Game posts will go live at 8:00AM PT and end that same day at 5:00PM PT with the winner being announced at 6:00PM PT.




Submit your best Juniper equipment setup, from immaculate fiber cord connections to festive colors and themes, we want them all! The process is easy just send an email to with the following information:

  • A720x720 high quality image of your setup
  • A title for your setup along with a short description including featured products
  • Let us know if you would like to describe the methodology behind your setup in a blog or video post if you win


Submissions will be open from Wednesday, 3/20 at 8:00 AM PT until Tuesday, 3/26 at 12:00PM PT.


Let the games begin! Send us your photos and get ready to vote.


Thanks and enjoy!


Apr 7, 2013

I hope you will also give certificate for those who participated and won the competition. Smiley Happy


Just to have a great souvenir.

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