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Junos Challenge: IP/MPLS – Solve it and win Junosphere time!
Nov 6, 2013

Are you a pro at IP/MPLS? Then try this Junosphere challenge. If you are one of the first three contestants to get the correct answer, you can win Junosphere VM time.


The challenge lives in Junosphere


If you have a Junosphere account then review the following challenge and log into your account and solve it!


If you don't have a Junosphere account yet, you can use one of the temporary credentials, and connect to a topology that is already running the challenge scenario. The temporary access to Junosphere information is attached to this post.



From CE1, ping is failing. Why? Because there is a wrong configuration line in one of the devices. With your user credentials, you don't have access to the configuration. But you can run "show" commands as needed. Try to discover which device has a wrong configuration line, what this line is, and how it should read.





Send your answer to If you have any problems accessing Junosphere for this challenge please send an email to



1st prize - 200 Junosphere virtual machine units

2nd prize - 100 Junosphere virtual machine units

3rd prize - 50 Junosphere virtual machine units


Once the 3 winners are named, the challenge will remain open for a few days for those that want to try it and solve it. But if you aren’t one of the three winners, don’t fret; you can participate in our next Junos challenge. Keep an eye on this blog to find out when the next one takes place.


Note: Each Junosphere virtual machine unit enables you to run a virtual machine for a period of 24 hours. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Juniper employees not eligible for prizes.

Nov 6, 2013
Recognized Expert Recognized Expert
It looks like our community is really strong on IP/MPLS as we already have three winners. Anyway, keep your answers coming. Trying the challenge is not only fun, it's also the best way to learn the methodology that will help you to win the future challenges!
Nov 6, 2013

Hello Team,


I am able to telnet to the routers, but the login root and password Clouds not working, can anyone tell me whats the correct login and password for the routers.



Welcome to the cloud
password is Clouds

CE1 (ttyp3)


login: root
Login incorrect


Nov 6, 2013
Juniper Employee


The user is juniper and the password is Clouds


Best regards.

Mario Perez

Nov 6, 2013


Thanks Mario , i am able to login 

Nov 6, 2013


I found the answer too, i had sent the answer to the mail id given    🙂 

Nov 6, 2013
Recognized Expert Recognized Expert
It's 24h from the announcement now. We've been awarding at least 10 VMs to the correct answers so far, but we need to stop at some point 🙂

Big thanks to everyone who participated, it's been really exciting. You can subscribe to this blog and stay tuned for the solution, winners and the next challenge!