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Junos Challenge: The Reverse Engineering Saga - Mastering Junos Traceoptions
Mar 26, 2014

This challenge was created by Diogo Montagner who has been part of our Juniper Resident Engineer team since 2008. He has worked as a Juniper RE in Brazil, Malaysia and now Australia. He holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science, MBA in Project Management and is JNCIE-SP (#1050) and PMP certified. Nevertheless, he thinks his Brazilian-style barbecue skills are far better than his network skills.


The Challenge lives in Junosphere

If you have a Junosphere account then review the following challenge and log into your account and solve it! If you don't have a Junosphere account yet, you can use temporary credentials. A document that outlines the instructions to receive temporary access to Junosphere is attached to this post. Contestants need to start topology "vDay One - Challenge 5", available in the Junosphere Public Library both as LAB and CLASSROOM. If you have issues logging into Junosphere for this challenge please request assistance in the Junosphere forum.



You are a Senior Network Engineer that just joined a company that was desperately in search of a network engineer with extensive experience on IP/MPLS networks.


Your first day on the job, your boss calls you for an urgent meeting. He said that he fired the previous engineer responsible for managing the network and just before he left the company, he deleted all documentation and also introduced a few problems in the network that are impeding your customers use of the network services.


The angriest customer is also the one that generates 40% of your company revenue. He set a very aggressive deadline for your company to fix the problem. If the problem is not solved on time, he will find another supplier to buy network services.


When you start to look in the network, you found that the previous engineer also modified the access classes of the users restricting what commands you are able to execute in the routers.


The Reverse Engineering Saga contains four episodes.


Episode 1 – The Hidden Topologies


In this episode, you must discover both logical and physical topologies. Use the following convention to answer this challenge:



Do not post your solution to the challenge anywhere publicy, please send it to


1st prize - 200 Junosphere virtual machine units

2nd prize - 100 Junosphere virtual machine units

3rd prize - 50 Junosphere virtual machine units


Once the 3 winners are named, the challenge will remain open for a few days for those that want to try it and solve it. But if you aren’t one of the three winners, don’t fret; you can participate in our next Junos challenge. Keep an eye on this blog to find out when the next one takes place.


Note: Each Junosphere virtual machine unit enables you to run a virtual machine for a period of 24 hours. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Contest is not open to Juniper employees and contractors.

Mar 27, 2014
Recognized Expert Recognized Expert

Thanks for all the people who participated. We already have 3 winners, so please be aware that further correct answers may not make it to the winner list. Thanks for your understanding!