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Junos Cup 2014 - Everything you need to know to participate
Jun 10, 2014

Are you ready for kick-off? If you are then go to the Junos Cup Forum and start solving the challenges. Solve as many as you can to capture the country flag associated with each challenge. If not, then read through this Q&A so that you can find out everything you need to know for the Junos Cup 2014 competition starting on Thursday the 12th of June. Be sure to read through the entire post so you don't miss any important details!


When does it begin?

We are kicking off the Junos Cup 2014 on Thursday, 12th of June 2014 at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).


How does it work?

The tournament consists of 32 network topology challenges to solve in Junosphere. We will announce the first 8 network challenges in our Junos Cup Forum on the 12th of June and the additional 8 per week for the following 3 weeks thereafter. Each challenge has a deadline, will be associated with a country, and holds that country’s flag. Whoever solves a challenge within its deadline will get the country flag and points that are assigned to the challenge. He/she who has the most flags at the end of the competition wins the Grand Prize! All participants will receive a limited edition Junos Cup 14 shirt. And you can also win other cool prizes! For complete information, check our prize section below.


We will also announce the weekly challenges on our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages every Thursday. Follow #JunosCup14 for updates.


Who can participate?

This event is only for the external community of customers, partners, students and Junos amateurs outside of Juniper Networks. Employees or Contractors of Juniper Networks are not eligible to participate.


What are the prizes?

  • All participants receive one limited edition Junos Cup 2014 shirt
  • Individuals who get the right answer for any topology challenge within its deadline receive
    • Topology’s country flag
    • Topology’s points
  • The Junos Cup 2014 is split in Four Weekly Tournaments, starting every Thursday. The winners of each Tournament will be determined on a point system: harder challenges (2pts); medium (1pt).
  • Tournament prizes are
    • First Place: All individuals with 8 flags
      • 200 Junosphere VMs*
      • Second Place: All individuals with 7 flags
        • 100 Junosphere VMs*
      • Third Place: All individuals with 6 flags
        • 50 Junosphere VMs*
  • Individuals that get more than one flag during the Junos Cup (aggregate of the Four Tournaments) receive a certification exam voucher good for any written exam at Pearson Vue
  • Grand Prize, at the end of the Junos Cup:
    • 1st place: Individual who gets the most correct (has the most flags) during the Junos Cup, adding up the flags held at the Four Tournaments
      • Junos Cup Trophy
      • And a GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition*
    • In case two contestants have the same number of flags, the tie-breaker is the number of points.


How do I participate?


Make sure that the challenges you try to solve correspond to an active tournament


  • They belong to a tournament that has started and whose deadline is in the future
  • You have downloaded the specific instructions for each topology / challenge


If you already have a Junosphere account then move forward to step 4.  If you need a temporary Junosphere account (or if you prefer not to spend your own Junosphere VMs) then use the following procedure, which is valid between the 27th May 2014 and 13th July 2014 or, until the end of the Junos Cup:


  1. Go to Use this portal to generate 1 random integer between 1 and 500. Why use a tool? It ensures real randomness. This number has a validity of one day (24 hours). After that period, regardless of the step of the procedure you are in, you need to come back to step 1 and generate a brand new number.
  2. Log on to, with user junoschamp_<your_number>, password 123Juniper. For example, if you get random number 250, your username would be junoschamp_250.
  3. Click on View Capacity. If you see LESS than 10, then somebody else is using the same login so you need to log out (arrow button on the top right corner of the GUI) and then repeat the procedure from step 1. Click on Access Active Topology. If the pop-up window labeled Select Active Topology shows an active topology running, then somebody else is using the same login so you need to log out. If both checks are successful, and nobody is using the topology (Capacity is 10, and no Active Topology is running), move on to the next step.
  4. Click on Manage Topologies. Click on the Public tab. Click on the drop-down list at the column labeled Library, and filter for the Junos Cup pattern.
  • Please select the challenge that you want to attempt next.
  • Click on the Start green button. Then on the Select Sandbox pop-up, just click on Start. Then follow all the steps to connect to the topology, starting on minute 2:50 of this video:

    Remember, for telnet/ssh to the VMs, the username is juniper and the password is Clouds


NOTE: If you have issues connecting to the Junosphere topology please check Junosphere Technical Documentation, or request assistance in the Junosphere forum.


6.  Send an email with your proposed solution to :


  • The subject should be “<country-name-of-the-challenge> -  <your-full-name>”. For example: “Brazil – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”.
  • In the email body, please include your proposed solution, along with your first and last name, complete mailing address including zip/postal code, your shirt size (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL) and optionally your company name


Some additional notes:


  • You can try to solve and submit answers for as many active challenges as you wish
  • The answers will be read by the organization right after the deadline
  • The challenge instructions are final, and no additional information or tips will be provided before the publication of the solution and the winner list. Please don’t expect a reply from
  • If you feel that your initial solution is wrong or incomplete, you can send up to three messages for the same challenge, but please note that only your last message (received before the deadline) will be read.
  • If you have issues with Junosphere, check the NOTE on Step 4.
  • If you think there is an error in the definition of the challenges, please send us an email with subject (“<country-name> ERROR”); if there is no reply, then it’s likely an intentional condition of the challenge, rather than an error.


7.  Once you are done with a topology, please stop it for a greener planet. You can then start another topology, and so on.


Once the 24-hour period expires, the active topology (if any) will stop automatically and you need to go back to step 1. You can compete every day with a different random number.


What is the game schedule and what topics can I expect?

Tournament One

 Junos Cup Challenges


Publish Date:
Thursday, 12th of June
8:00 am/ Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Deadline to Respond: Tuesday, 17th of June 23:59:59 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Timezone Converter


Country Flag




Internet over a MPLS-free Core

Service Provider/Medium


MPLS BGP Traffic Drop

Service Provider/Hard

South Korea

IPTV over Circuit Cross-Connects

Service Provider/Hard

Bosnia & Herzegovina

The Erratic Default Gateway



Aggregated Ethernet Failover



The Flapping Ping

Enterprise, Hard





The Reacting Probe


Tournament Two



Publish Date:
Thursday, 19th of June
8:00 am/ Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Deadline to Respond: Tuesday, 24th of June 23:59:59 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Timezone Converter


MPLS BGP & FIB Scaling

Service Provider/Medium


Reverse Engineering Saga Episode 2 – The Broken IGP

Service Provider/Medium


LDP with Tagged Traceroute

Service Provider/Hard


Traffic Engineering Constraints

Service Provider/Hard


Ping on Virtual Routers



Bridging with Virtual Switches



SRX Network Address Translation #1



The Obscure CLI Provisioning


Tournament Three



Publish Date:
Thursday, 26th of June
8:00 am/ Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Deadline to Respond: Tuesday, 1st of July 23:59:59 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Timezone Converter


End-to-End Class of Service

Service Provider/Hard


Reverse Engineering Saga, Episode 3 –  The Strange BGP

Service Provider/Medium


Seamless MPLS

Service Provider/Hard


Displaying Remote MAC Address


Ivory Coast

OSPF on L3VPN Customized Connectivity

Service Provider/Hard


OSPF Topology Convergence



SRX Network Address Translation #2


Costa Rica

The Remote Task Execution


Tournament Four



Publish Date:
Thursday, 3rd of July
8:00 am/ Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Deadline to Respond: Tuesday, 8th of July 23:59:59 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Timezone Converter


BGP Multicast VPN

Service Provider/Medium


Reverse Engineer Saga, Episode 4 – The Puzzling MPLS

Service Provider/Medium


Tuning LSP Choice in L3VPN

Service Provider/Hard


Class of Service at Egress L3VPN PE

Service Provider/Hard


One-Hop Ping



Ping on Aggregated Ethernet



Inter-Instance Flows






*Prizes include one GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition and Junosphere Lab VM Sessions. **Each Junosphere virtual machine unit enables you to run a virtual machine for a period of 24 hours. GoPro is a trademark of GoPro, Inc registered in the United States and other countries. GoPro is not a participant in or a sponsor of this promotion. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 years or older to be eligible to win the prize(s). Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Contest is not open to Juniper employees and contractors.





Jun 10, 2014

Thanks for the great information Smiley Happy


But why the challenges types are not equal per track?

I think this will make unequal opportunity for all participants.


I see that SP challenges are total of 15 (9 hard & 6 medium)

while ENT challenges are total of 10 (4 hard & 6 medium)

and SEC challenges are total of only 4 (2 hard & 2 medium)


So, SP engineers have more chances than ENT engineers, and both have more chances than SEC engineers.



Jun 10, 2014
Recognized Expert Recognized Expert

Hi Ahmad,


Thanks for your interest and feedback. We made an effort to prepare several challenges for each of the four categories (SP, ENT, SEC, AUT). The team preparing the challenges (to which I belong) had more SP guys than, say, SEC guys. 


Anyway, I honestly think a SEC guy with a decent IP background has a real chance to succeed.


Good luck!



Jun 10, 2014

Hi Amonge,


Thanks for your reply.

Your efforts in preparing the challenges are extremely appreciated, and I'm sure that all of you did your best to prepare different 32 challenging tolpologies.


I just thought the topics will be equal because according to specialization, security guys almost will not have in depth information in the SP advanced topics, and vice versa as SP guys almost will have little information regarding security.


SP guys and ENT guys can compete with each others as they have shared topics and knowledge, but security guys will have less probability to be able to compete in advanced or in depth SP & ENT challeneges.



Ahmad Rabie

Jun 11, 2014
Sam Yang

Hi Julie Wider (Jewels), Firstly, thank for this great opportunity where I can join this game. In step 2, I use to generate random number 53, and then go to step 3, but it shows username or password is incorrect after I fill in username junoschamp_53 and password 123Juniper. Can you please help to fix the issue? Kind Regards, Sam

Jun 11, 2014
Sam Yang

I have login junosphere. Sorry about previous email and please delete or ignore my message. Thanks again.


Kind Regards,

Jun 11, 2014

Hi Julie,



I cannot see button "Click on View Capacity.".


Can u guide me.




Jun 11, 2014

please ignore my previous message..Already found the link.

Jun 12, 2014
Recognized Expert Recognized Expert

Tournament One started! Eight new challenges posted here (as per the instructions above):


Please send your answers BY EMAIL before the deadline (as per the instructions above).




Jun 12, 2014

USA's "The Flapping Link" in the table should probably be changed to "The Flapping Ping".

Jun 12, 2014
Recognized Expert Recognized Expert
Thanks for the correction, you are right! All, for further feedback please write to our email address!
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