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Junos Cup Tournament #1 Heats Things Up! Winners Announced
Jun 18, 2014

JunosCupblog.jpgTournament #1 of the Junos Cup is a wrap! All of our participants blew us away with responses that showed us they’re in it to win with impressive Junos chops.  We had over 140 participants fighting for the country flag for our first 8 challenges and we received 346 correct solutions out of 405 submissions. Congratulations to our first place winners of Tournament #1 listed below, who responded with a correct answer to all eight topologies.


Remember, each tournament starts from a clean slate, giving everyone the chance to claim a first place spot the next week. Keep fighting, there are tricky challenges coming and every week counts! Thanks all for playing and tune in tomorrow to the Junos Cup Forum for Tournament #2!



Junos Cup 2014: Round #1 First Place Winners




David Roy


All Round #1 Winners answered each country topology correctly:


-        Argentina

-        Bosnia and Herzegovina

-        Greece

-        Honduras

-        Russia

-        South Korea

-        Switzerland

-        USA

Ernst Oudhof


Gustaw Jelen


Krasimir Avramski


Pedro Antunes




Congrats to everyone! All  participants in Tournament #1 that are eligible for Junosphere time and Certification Voucher prizes will be notified by email this week.


To learn more details about the Junos Cup please reference our tournament blog posts here. To jump in and play, tune into our Facebook and LinkedIn pages on Thursday and our Twitter page all week. Follow and tweet using #JunosCup14.


Note:  Some contestants did not use the event script that was installed and ready to use. Instead, they configured policies that performed the configuration themselves. Although this is a valid approach, some of these contestants were finding communication errors between mgd and eventd. The Junos Cup team tested all of these solutions in a separate MX lab router. The solutions that worked fine in this environment were marked as valid; those who did not, were marked as invalid.

Jun 19, 2014
Recognized Expert Recognized Expert

I would like to congratulate ALL the 121 people who solved one or more challenges. You will all receive an individual email stating how many flags and points you have, and your prize for Tournament One. Good luck in Tournament Two!

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