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Key Areas of Focus for Your Network Design
Aug 14, 2015

Juniper Ambassador Twitter ChatYour design is ready to begin! You’ve gathered the initial inputs and considerations, and know what you’re solving for. Before you get start though – what are a few best practices and key considerations to have in mind? Our ambassadors shared their tips and tricks for to keep in mind during our July 14th #AskAnAmbassador Twitter Chat. Here’s their input!


“Future scalability is always a key element. Make sure it meets the growth of the company and network…Remember that a very complex solution may tick every box, but someone has to support it afterwards. Keep it simple!”

- Shared by Graham Brown, @mountainrescuer


“Make sure the customer has the technical resources to support the solution once implemented. Hardware evaluation, cost versus performance…”

- Shared by Victor Gonzalez, @rotciv50


“Desired level of redundancy - how important is the network - acceptable loss [or] downtime? Does the customer have the technical resources to deploy [and] support the planned network? I like to start with [an] overview of things like NFV [and] SDN - what do they mean? Does the customer care? Make sure that the customer has additional resources for the extra load generated by go live.”

- Shared by Kevin Barker, @muttbarker


“Consideration should be given to the skill set of the customer IT team to ensure they can maintain after deployment. If [the] customer is looking to SDN [or] NFV, what are they trying to achieve? Would a collection of scripts work? Are they trying to achieve automation and are picking up the technology buzzwords instead?”

- Shared by Nick Ryce, @NetDonkey


“Bandwidth needs, latency, jitter for a start.”

- Shared by Michel Tepper, @michel_tepper


“Feature sets required. Each industry has different needs. A firewall may not be the best thing for marketing data feeds!”

- Shared by Clay Haynes, @dark_15


Have more questions about network design? Our Network Design Curriculum and Certification program provide great resources to get started. Here’s are two blog posts by Macieji and Mike sharing their experience with the new design certification.


You can find the full July 14th #AskAnAmbassador conversation on Storify.

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