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BLOG: Community Talk
Kudos to the J-Net Members that have moved up the ranks!
Jun 1, 2015

It's time to recognize community members that have been actively participating in J-Net and have reached the next level. We have 3 members that have joined the rank of Distinguished Experts this quarter!  Quite an accomplishment! Be sure to give kudos and accept solutions so that everyone that participates can move up the ranks faster and gain the recognition they deserve.


Congratulations to everyone and thank you for your participation!


Distinguished Expert


Recognized Expert



Super Contributor



Trusted Contributor




Srinath R


Look for an email with your new ranking certificate coming to you soon.


Thanks again!





Jun 5, 2015
Distinguished Expert Distinguished Expert

@jewels it is MarcTB with a C not with a K :-)

Jun 5, 2015
Administrator Administrator

@MarcTB Corrected! Thank you for the catch!

Jun 5, 2015
Distinguished Expert Distinguished Expert


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