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Meet Juniper's Fan-of-the-Month for November

Joao Prino Juniper Fan of the MonthWe would like to introduce Joao Prino, Juniper's Fan-of-the-Month for November. Joao has participated in many of our community competitions. For this year's Lab Madness tournament he authored a blog about his lab setup, complete with a very cool network diagram and Imgur animated image. We encourage you to take a look. You can also find him on Twitter as @emperphis and on our J-Net Community with the same emperphis handle.


We asked Joao to tell us a bit more about himself in this interview:


How long have you been using Juniper products?

I started to work with Juniper products back in 2009 and became JNCIA-E by the end of that same year.


What was the first Juniper product you worked with?

I was doing a lot of subscriber management work for main EMEA ISPs so I first got involved with the ERX platforms.


What is your favorite thing about working with Juniper products?

Behind every Juniper product is a very comprehensive and knowledgeable team of experts, Juniper allows us to interact with key and fundamental people in a very direct and familiar way. I met very interesting and intelligent people behind the products they work on and represent in any track (Routing, Switching, Security).


What advice would you give to others considering Juniper certifications?

The path to certification should be considered as designing a network: you need brain redundancy/high availability. N+1 is fundamental so get yourself in a study group or get a mate to work with, to get challenged and you challenge back because  the ongoing discussion will help you progress more than twice as fast.


What Juniper product(s) do you dream of working with?

I am very pleased to realize that I’ve explored the majority of Juniper’s portfolio, I would love to see myself involved in projects that explore multiple platforms where automation is mandatory. Juniper bears some of the greatest and friendliest minds in the networking spectrum and I do feel that within my current Juniper partner company it is just a matter of time until I do engage with key Juniper people to continue the never ending learning path.


Joao, we thank you for being a Juniper advocate and congrats on being our Fan-of-the-Month!



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Congrats João!


Congratulations mate!


Congrats João!