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Meet Juniper's January Fan-of-the-Month
Jan 8, 2016

John Monrad Juniper Fan-of-the-MonthWe are pleased to introduce John Monrad, our January Fan-of-the-Month. There’s an interesting story behind John; we sought him out because we were interested in his Juniper T4000 creation. If you’re on Twitter, you may have seen it in a post by one of his colleagues. When it came through our feed we had to find him and learn more about it!


Once we located John, we asked him to tell us about the idea behind his T4000 beer dispenser. Here’s the scoop…


The company I work for, TDC, bought new PTX routers and needed to do something with the T4000s. They could either be sent back to Juniper, or scrapped. As our annual Christmas party was imminent, the final choice was clear.


The first step was to find out how the display worked, so after some reverse engineering all of the LED's and contacts were identified.


It wasn’t possible to understand how the Juniper control board controlled the LEDs and switches, so I had to build my own control board with all the required input and output, so that all of the the LED's, switches and LCD could be controlled.


It was a bit boring to look at as there were only lights at the top of the router, so the beer brewer Chrillesen suggested we add light behind the cable tray at the bottom. We used WS2811 LED's, so in a future version we have the opportunity to make running lights (each of them can be controlled).


Everything is controlled with a small PIC processor. Our plans for next year are to bring it online with a Raspberry Pi. Our ID cards have RFID, so the information can be collected and put on a web page, so that our wives can monitor to see when it would be a good time to get us back home.


I think I spent 3 weekends on mechanics and building electronics. The last software change was the night before the party, where a temperature sensor was added.


John Monrad Juniper Fan-of-the-MonthWe also asked John to tell us a bit more about him in our usual Fan-of-the-Month Q&A. You can clearly see that he has a great sense of humor!


How long have you been using Juniper products?

Since M10


What was the first Juniper product you worked with?

M10i but it was too small to contain a draft beer setup.


What is your favorite thing about working with Juniper products? Wire rate routing. Full flow on all taps. Possible expansion to three parallel taps.


What Juniper product(s) do you dream of working with?

PTX. Huge capacity. Chiller and kegs can be inside cabinet.


And now on a more serious note, here’s some background info on John.


After obtaining my electronics degree in the Danish Air Force, I’ve worked with computers and data transmission for 36 years, of which the last 22 have been with TDC. 
I work primarily with hardware, and have been in the United States 13 times to upgrade the Internet connection between the US and TDC's network. The first connection, in 1998, was at 15 Mbps, (a T3 which was divided between Sweden, Norway and Denmark) and today, TDC has a number of 10Gbit connections established on the MX960. 
I am married and have a daughter and a granddaughter. We are all living in Jutland.


A warm thank you to John for sharing his story and congratulations for being chosen as our Fan-of-the-Month.

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