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More from the Junos Cup Referee
Jun 16, 2014

As noted, I've been lucky enough to be chosen as the Junos Cup Referee.  It must be because I am a cranky book editor and instinctively want to correct things...


This past Weekend was grueling.  While my friends went cave-diving, I got myself exhausted because I'm the only Referee. We're averaging over 200 topology starts a day, and it is constantly growing--we're shooting for 1000.  Honduras and Switzerland are the most popular with USA next. This coming week, the intensity increases. On Thursday, eight more challenges are posted. I must sit by Julie Wider's cube early in the California morning as the Security Guys bring in the envelopes containing the new challenges, and she posts them to the Tournament.


I showed my YELLOW Card a few times on Junos Cup Etiquette violations over the weekend (you can't hear the crowd boo in Junosphere...)


  • Please don't share challenge solution answers, even if they are wrong. ; )  That one puzzles me as a referee.  
  • Please do not share challenge solution answers to groups of players (We can tell when we get 10 identical submissions all coming from the same area... ; )
  • Please have fun



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