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Network Designers, This One is For You!
May 28, 2015

Juniper Network Design ChallengeGet your design skills ready, it’s a Juniper Design Challenge! Following the recent launch of Juniper’s new Design Certifications, we’re celebrating the skill of network design. Creative thinking is unique, it has style and it’s a key element of designing a network that fits your needs. Find your favorite past, present or future network design that you have personally developed and submit it to be showcased on Juniper’s Facebook Page in a photo album of various network designs. We’re spotlighting the cool and interesting work you have done!


It’s easy:

  • Submit a diagram image of your network design by sharing it on Twitter with #Idea2Design or email it to
  • Include a 1 – 10 sentence description of the challenge you were solving for and how your design met the need
  • That’s all!

Design Criteria:

The designs that you submit can include any of the below, and you can build upon this list:


  • Generic network design
  • Proposed network design
  • Fanciful design
  • Design that didn't work, but that you learned from
  • A messy design that you inherited and have since changed

Please note that it is up to your discretion to only submit designs that can be shared publicly.


If you have a diagram and an interesting story, we want to hear it! We’re collecting your designs from May 28th – June 19th and will then showcase them on Facebook for two weeks throughout the remainder of June including your name and description of the design in the comments. Participants whose images receive the most likes may be surprised!


You have until June 19th – submissions are open now!