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BLOG: Community Talk
New look for your J-Net Community!
Sep 14, 2017



We are pleased to announce that we’re currently underway with refreshing the J-Net Community site design. The new design will be more aligned with the look and feel of our website and responsive to any device. No more separate experience on your mobile!


There are a few navigational changes so we wanted provide a sneak peek to make you aware of the updates prior to launch. Please keep in mind that the screenshots we’ve included are from a "prototype design" so this may not be the final look.


Sitewide Changes

  • The help, register and sign-in links are located just below the main banner on the right hand side
  • Sub-navigation links for each area (Discussion Forums, Blogs, TechWiki, etc) will remain constant throughout
  • Our Global Communities (Japan, Korea and China) as well as Community Resources are now drop downs which can be displayed or hidden




  • There are also drop down lists for Discussion Forums, Blog topics, and TechWiki categories that can be displayed or hidden, whichever your preference




TechWiki Update


  • The ability to browse/search by article type per TechWiki category



Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or comments. Stay tuned for more news on the launch as we get closer to completion.


Thank you for participating in the J-Net Community!

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