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BLOG: Community Talk
Q&A with Lab Madness 2016 Champion
Apr 18, 2016

We are pleased to introduce Alejandro Bustamante who made it to the final round and is our 2016 Lab Madness champion. Your votes took him to the top and we thought you might like to get to know him better by way of this interview.


What was your motivation to participate in Lab Madness, and did you enjoy your Championship experience?

I think that the main motivation was to share with all our users and visitors the experience on working with Juniper, also over the time we can say that this brand has huge advantages over others. The championship experience is great and gives all of us the necessary motivation to continue working with this brand.


Is there a certain component of your lab setup that is a great representation of what your team accomplishes in your lab?

The main accomplishment was to have made the connection between the 7 buildings across the campus and doing this with the EX4550 fiber switch and the firewall access policies with the SRX650, also the bandwidth administration between buildings.


What do you and your team spend the most time working on in your lab?

Navigation Policies and active directory integration to the firewall.


What is it about your lab that you find to be particularly enjoyable to work with?

VLANs administration and configuration


Tell us a little about your network engineering journey. How did it start and what are you doing now?

At the beginning we were only 2 buildings and had a very small bandwidth to share. Over time, buildings increased and now we have 7 and about 2000 users between students and administrative personnel.


We’ve been here since the beginning of everything LOTUS 123 was our first spreadsheet and Windows 3.1 our first operative system.



What advice would you give to someone pursuing a career in your field?

The best advice is pursuing a full certification mostly from Juniper, this brand is the future in networking.

Networking is a way of life.


What do you look forward to pursuing in your career?

Have a personal development in networking in all areas and other places and to increase the knowledge about Juniper products and services. Perhaps a certification.


If you had to pick, is it all about the neatness or is it all about the madness?

It depends but it will be madness because the best ideas comes with madness.


Lastly, if you had a theme song for your lab, what would it be?

Welcome to the Jungle – Guns N' Roses!!