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Aug 6, 2013

What is BAJUG?

The Bay Area Juniper Users Group (BAJUG) is a user group for people in the Bay Area that are interested in anything related to Juniper and networking.  BAJUG operates with the mantra "for engineers, by engineers." All marketing and sales are checked at the door so that we can focus on real issues and deep technical content relating to networking.  BAJUG's core focus is on the technologies that bring people together such as the Internet and data centers.
The official website is
BAJUG is held roughly every four to six months. Each meeting revolves around three major anchors: the keynote, lightning talks, and social meetup.  Finally we provide pizza and beer kegs to everyone and open the event into a large social. The social is a great opportunity to meet new people in the networking community and meet new friends.
What topics are discussed?
Each meeting has a different topic. The topics are broken down into two categories: the keynote and lightning talks.  The keynote is an hour presentation or demonstration by a key figure in the networking industry which focuses on the latest networking trends such as SDN or network programmability. The lightning talks are given by members of BAJUG and last 10 minutes, hence the name. The lightning talks are very similar to NANOG and tend to focus on solving problems, something interesting, or a deep dive into an emerging technology.
Who attends?
BAJUG is open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend. We generally see about 85% of the attendees being customers, 10% local Juniper and partner sales, and 5% other vendors.  Each meeting is tailored for networking engineers as the topics are technical in nature.  BAJUG attracts network architects, engineers, operators, and even management.
Since BAJUG is hosted in the heart of Silicon Valley, we regularly attract large customers and start-ups. However we also have a healthy attendance of retail, PaaS, and SaaS customers.
Why should I attend?
If you're interested in networking and Juniper, BAJUG is a great place to learn more and meet other people with similar interests.  In addition to meeting other people with similar networking interests, members have the opportunity to talk directly with Juniper engineers.  If you're passionate about networking, BAJUG is a great event to attend.  BAJUG is local to the Bay Area / Silicon Valley and there are no registration or membership fees. 
Where can I sign up?
Please sign up at
Registration is free and everyone is welcome to attend. I look forward to seeing you there.
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Aug 16, 2013

Hey folks,


We just got up the new BAJUG website last night. Have a look:


We're still working to add more content and fill in some details, but this is where you can find all information related to BAJUG in the future. 


- Chris

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