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BLOG: Community Talk
Support Simplified: A First Peek at the New Customer Support Site Built with You in Mind.
Sep 11, 2018

Support Simplified. 


Supportboxsm.pngIf you have followed our CEO Rami Rahim, you may have heard him talk about Engineering Simplicity. The idea is simple: networking has become so complex, it is costing us billions of dollars and thousands of hours in productivity. At Juniper, we’re committed to reduce that complexity with user-friendly, intuitive networking. 


Engineering Simplicity is not just about great products and solutions that simplify networking for our customers. It’s also about simplifying the way we do business.  On September 17th, Juniper will launch a new support website with you in mind and I’d like to give you a sneak peek of some of the ways in which our new site will make your life easier.



Unified Navigation & Tools

Alignment with web standards enables clear and consistent navigation throughout the site. Additionally, useful tools and links are provided at the bottom of each page for further assistance.


Quick Access to Common Tasks

Easy drop-downs enable you to manage service requests (cases), register products, and go to licensing tasks. Additionally, you can use our popular “product picker” to find and research products and solutions.


Intuitive Software Downloads

The Software Downloads page includes all the information you’ll need in one place.  Our integrated product picker instantly gives you all related information. 



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