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The Inner Workings of a Network Classroom
Apr 27, 2015

In this post, we feature another contestant that we were unable to feature in our recent Lab Madness Competition. This is Opelo July’s entry, which depicts him configuring switches at a Junos Academy in Malaysia. We asked him to provide some additional background about his entry in this Q&A.


Can you tell us about yourself and where you are in your network-engineering journey?


I’m 26 years of age, from Botswana, Africa. I graduated with a Bachelor of Sciences (Hons) in Data Communications and Networking at Multimedia University, Malaysia and am employed as a Network Engineer. I currently hold several qualifications in the IT Sector, which include Juniper, Cisco, Microsoft, VMware and others. 


What are you achieving in the images you shared? What type of project are you working on?


The photo was taken during a lab at the Junos academy back in Malaysia. We were configuring Juniper Networks EX Series Switches; building a scalable switch infrastructure. The configuration included: configuring VLANs and layer 3 VLAN interfaces, I utilized the set vlans and vlan id commands, once done I went on to configure the interfaces; I also configured the VLAN spanning tree protocol. Other than VLAN I configured layer 2 port security and port mirroring. 


Juniper Lab Madness 2015, Opelo July

Your image has a lot of cables. Can you share details on significance of the various cables?


There are a lot of cables on the image because I was configuring spanning tree protocol. I did the initial configurations on all the switches by zeroing all of them, afterwards I logged in using the root account and started the CLI Session: In the photo, there were 4 switches, I configured them to become the Root bridge, backup root bridge and then I did verification on the other switch to determine which device is the root bridge and which interface is the root port.