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Twelve Signs You’re a Network Engineer
Feb 22, 2014

Engineers everywhere reveled this week! It was Engineers Week 2014, a time to celebrate the numerous configurations you’ve mastered and issues you’ve troubleshot. To end the week with a laugh, we’ve captured input from our social community members to compile the list below. Enjoy! You know you’re a network engineer when…


“This is Red 5, I’m going in.” – Star Wars


1.  When your [significant other] caught you washing a patch cord

      Sudan Dhakal via Facebook

Image 1_Patch Cord.jpg

Image via Giphy 


2. When you are off the clock, but continue to check your email.

    Cass George via Facebook

Image via Giphy


3. When you spend all night in your client's premises troubleshooting their network, get home by 2am still thinking about  it... And then come to work the next morning with the solution...
    Ugo Nwamo via Facebook



4. dream in Junos.

     Chris Grundemann via Facebook



5.  ... when you can troubleshoot a problem by looking at why a network is not behaving the way you calculated it should (in your head)

    Dan Backman via Facebook

Image via Giphy


6.  You get upset that every captive portal uses

     David Divins via Facebook

Image via Giphy


7.  You're teaching your kids subnetting instead of the alphabet......

     Gautam Kumar via Facebook

Ben and Kurt


8.  When your dog barks and you swear he's saying "ARP ARP!"

     Dave Chad via Facebook

Image via Giphy


9.  When pass your JNCIE.

     Ben Tan via Facebook

Image via Giphy


10.  When your home network could pass a PCI audit

      Todd Walker via Facebook



11.  When you tell “...a packet walks into a bar…” jokes

       Victor Gonzalez via Facebook

Network Humor


12.  When you troubleshoot [the] internet problem at [a] hotel, on a business trip

       Dang Le via Facebook

Image via Giphy


Qualified group Smiley Happy Happy Engineers Week!


Feb 22, 2014
leke Oluwatosin

nice list you have up there. I'll also like to add "when you sleep talk about a broken routing policy"

Feb 22, 2014
Administrator Administrator

Nice addition Leke!

Feb 22, 2014

Just Awsome.,... !!

Feb 28, 2014
anurag pathak

Amazing article. I believe we are all engineers at heart.Thanks for your post and reminding us that.

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