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Welcome to J-Net! (2018 Update!)
Feb 23, 2009

Aug 4, 2011

Hi all,

my name is Rana Babar and i want to prepare myself for JNCIE-SP exam. can anybody share some kind of study guide .








Rana Babar

Aug 4, 2011
Administrator Administrator

@Rana Babar - You can find the exam objectives here:


Also, we have a Forum specific to Traning and Certification here:

Sep 20, 2011

hi everybody,


I am new to this form........... need help from u all on diff topics......



sachin Dhankhar

Sep 20, 2011
Administrator Administrator

@sachindhankhar - Welcome to the J-Net Community. Feel free to post in the appropriate Forum that relates to the products and/or certification questions you have. Thank you!

Oct 11, 2011


    i am new to here

Oct 12, 2011
Administrator Administrator - Welcome to the J-Net Community and thank you for participating.

Oct 17, 2011

Hi All,


Nice to know to know there's a community to discuss about Juniper.

I came from a Cisco, Aruba, Alcatel-Lucent, Infoblox, Netscout background...

Hope to learn more on Juniper's full suite of solutions.





Nov 6, 2011

Hi All,


I am Gaurav Jhawar, just join the Juniper Forum.


I have completed JNCIP - SP recently two months ago.


i found it a good platform to learn and enhance knowledge.


Thanks to J NET for this opprtunity.



Gaurav Jhawar

Nov 10, 2011


Hello Everybody!


Good to see all of you here. Hope this will grow up & have chats with products & solution.


Nov 10, 2011
Administrator Administrator

Welcome! Glad you are part of our Community.