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Welcome to J-Net! (2018 Update!)
Feb 26, 2010

Jan 6, 2010

Hi Everyone ,

   I am new to this forum. Hope to have some gud discussions here .




Yogesh Parashar


Feb 5, 2010

Hello Group,

This is Jigar and I am new to this forum, actually in my organisation, I am using Juniper nsm but it is located at distant apart from me, we can have an access of this only through GUI (NSM) access now my question is that if I am having nsm access then is it possible to get CLI (Command line access) through this credentials.


if yes then how, because ssl and telnet is not working for firewall IP from my LAN id.


please suggest,appreciate your feedbacks.




Feb 8, 2010

Hi Jigar,


You may want to post this question in the security management discussion board to get more responses from our technical experts. The blog comment thread is usually reserved for topics related to the blog post itself.





Feb 22, 2010
Feb 26, 2010
Moved to the SRX board. A gentle reminder to please post your question in relevant boards, and not as comments in the announcement blog.
Feb 28, 2010

Hi juniper experts, i am here catch up some juniper talents for my direct client opportunities in albany, NY its a long term contract the deadline for this position is 3rd march 2010, i would be really thankful to someone who help me fill this position the rate is open for a best talent. someone interested can always apply to and 973 741 6154.

Feb 28, 2010

i totally have 3 position with same location and duration one for Juniper SME, Infomation security and LAN services consultant and third one is design and network support specialist respectively all these involves juniper skills.

contact 973 741 6154

Mar 1, 2010

Hi msmithtechy


You may want to post these job opportunities on Juniper's official LinkedIn Group job board:




Mar 15, 2010

Hi all,


I just joined the forum,

I don't have Juniper equipements in my small network but I want to start stuying Juniper. I'll like to have advice on the way to go forward and also would like to know whether there's any  virtual solution I can use for practicing after reading.

Am already CISCO certified and do remain a dummy in JUNIPER 🙂

Thanks for helping

Mar 15, 2010



Nice to be part of the community. We dont have much to do with Junos, but have a lot of Netscreens in our environment. Now have an SRX  and J4350 for evaluation. I hope to improve my experience with products from Juniper stable by exchange of information in the forum