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Win a tablet cover with your Junos Genius ‘My Network’ on it and/or a certification voucher! - Contest Extended to May 15
Aug 19, 2014

JG logo small.pngBy now we hope you’ve had a chance to download and use our Junos Genius certification preparation app. Not familiar with Junos Genius? Visit to learn more.


We would love to see how your ‘My Network’ is shaping up—and so would the community!


Share your “My Network” here on J-Net or by emailing it to and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free Juniper Networks certification exam voucher (a $300 value). In addition three lucky winners will have their “My Network” view immortalized as we’ll have it printed on a custom tablet cover.


Contest Details:

  • You simply ‘Challenge Instructors’ inside the Junos Genius app. When you beat one, you earn a device achievement that you can place on your ‘My Network’ view. The more instructors you beat, the more device achievements you earn, the bigger your network becomes.
  • Once you’ve built a network, share it with us through the app by emailing it to (click the button in the upper right of the ‘My Network’ screen that looks like: JG Sharing button very small.png). Or post it here on J-Net.
  • We will pick 25 submissions at random for the free Juniper certification exam vouchers. Three winners will also receive a tablet cover with their network printed on the back. Talk about a great way to show off your skills!
  • Contest runs until April 16th: winners will be notified by April 21st.


So go out there, beat some instructors in the Instructor Challenge mode and share your ‘My Network’ with us at or here on J-Net.


A sample 'My Network':


Must be 18 years or older to be eligible to win the prize(s). Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Promotion ends at midnight PDT on April 16, 2014. To be entered into the prize drawing, you must post your submissions by 11:59PM PDT on April 16, 2014. Winners will be notified by April 21, 2014.

Apr 7, 2014
Trusted Contributor

There is a little over a week left to submit your 'My Network' from Junos Genius and be entered into the drawing for the prizes.


I'll mention that this isn't a contest to submit the 'best' network...we want to see whatever kind of network you've built. So whether it's big, small, complex, or simple (or full of printers like mine!) go ahead and share it with us at or here on J-Net!




Apr 17, 2014
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Good news...we're starting to see some cool networks submitted and rather than cut folks off now, we decided to extend the deadline until May 15th.


So keep beating instructors in Juno Genius. Keep building your 'My Network'. And go ahead and share it with us at using the email feature. We want to see your network...and get you in the drawing for the prizes!!




Apr 21, 2014
Ahmad Rasool
Its cool
May 21, 2014



What is the status of this contest?
The winners have been already chosen?





Aug 19, 2014
Trusted Contributor

It took a bit, but we'd like to congratulate our three tablet cover winners. Congrats to our randomly selected winners ancratef, tplisson, and humengzhe whose network diagrams appear below respectively...