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Adding High-Performance Flow Monitoring Services on PTX Routers Without Adding Components
Feb 28, 2014

Flow Monitoring Using CSE2000: Overview

Although the Monitoring Services PIC can be used in an active flow monitoring topology on various Juniper Networks® routers, this PIC is not supported on PTX Series routers because of CPU and memory requirement challenges for wired and mobile applications that the PTX Series routers support. Further, PTX Series routers do not support inline sampling. Considering the vast coverage of PTX Series routers, it is necessary to scale the control plane and service plane at a competitive level by using a new hardware device that has a more powerful processor and a higher service capability.




The Carrier-Grade Service Engine (CSE) is a solution that enables Juniper Networks PTX5000 Packet Transport Routers to provide high-performance flow monitoring and accounting services. The CSE2000 device is tethered to PTX5000 routers and provides support for active flow monitoring version 9. The CSE2000 enables scaling of control plane and service planes, without the need to add components to the existing PTX5000 routers.


To help you add high-performance flow monitoring and accounting services using the CSE2000 solution, we've released the following new documents:


CSE Series Software and Hardware Release Notes

The software release notes describe the features, version compatibility, known behaviors, and known issues with the CSE2000. The hardware release notes describe known issues with the hardware. You can access the CSE Series Release Notes on the CSE software documentation page and the CSE2000 Hardware Release Notes on the CSE2000 hardware documentation page


Flow Monitoring Feature Guide for CSE2000



This guide provides information about enabling flow monitoring services on Juniper Networks PTX5000 routers by using the Juniper Networks Carrier-Grade Service Engine CSE2000. The CSE2000 device is tethered to Juniper Networks PTX5000 routers to enable active flow monitoring version 9. The CSE2000 enables scaling of control plane and service plane, without the need to add components to the existing PTX5000 routers. You can access the Flow Monitoring Feature Guide on the CSE software documentation page.


Administration Guide for CSE2000



This guide provides information about monitoring a CSE2000 device connected to PTX5000 routers. All the administration commands that are described in this guide are executed on the PTX5000 router. You can access the Administration Guide for the CSE2000 on the CSE software documentation page


CSE2000 Hardware Documentation


The Hardware Guide contains information about the hardware components, planning and safety, hardware installation, initial software configuration, hardware maintenance, and troubleshooting. The Quick Start Guide ships with the router and provides information on how to quickly unpack and install the CSE2000, connect devices, power on the device, and initially configure the CSE2000. You can access the CSE2000 Hardware Guide and CSE2000 Quick Start Guide on the CSE hardware documentation page.  


BONUS Video: Connecting the CSE2000 to a PTX5000 Router

The video demonstrates how to connect a CSE2000 device to a PTX5000 Router and is also available from the hardware documentation for Connecting the CSE2000 to the Router.


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