BLOG: Information Experience (iX)
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BLOG: Information Experience (iX)
Awesomeness alert: Pathfinder is “your” magic potion!
Oct 14, 2016

Recently, I finished a project that needed me to dive into our products and those offered by our competitors. I work in marketing so getting hold of that data and bringing out value from it can sometimes be tricky. So what do I mean by "Pathfinder is your magic potion?” And why did I highlight "your"? After all I don't even know you…at least not yet.


Let me assure you that what I am going to talk about will be VERY relevant to you – a Sales Engineer, Sales Manager, Partner Engineer, or a Marketer just like me. So what is Pathfinder? Imagine that the Internet is a grocery store with plenty of aisles and tons of stuff and your work is your shopping list. Pathfinder is that one aisle where you get to check off everything from your list. You no longer need to go from aisle to aisle looking for each item. You can save both time and frustration!  Yes, grocery shopping is very frustrating…I know you know that.



Pathfinder home pagePathfinder home page


Pathfinder has a collection of awesome tools. Let me start by talking about the Feature Explorer. I have a bunch of Juniper products and I want to know which of them supports the latest SDN feature.  Hit enter and I get the result! It's QFX5100 if you are wondering. Okay, that was easy, but how about which access switches support Chef? Enter and…boom…it’s EX4300 and QFX5100. That was quick and efficient just like I promised it would be. With Feature Explorer, you can drill down to the exact JunOS software release to check out the features that each product supports. If you want to compare features of two different switch models, you can easily do it here.


Feature Explorer ToolFeature Explorer Tool


For marketing and sales folks, there is a Competitive Intelligence tool that allows you to compare a Juniper Switch with a competitor’s product, whether Cisco, Arista, Brocade or HP; get into the granular details to compare price, product features, protocols and performance, and a lot more. For instance, I want to know which switches support VxLAN-OVSDB or ISSU. I know that my customer really wants VxLAN-OVSDB. Hit enter and…bingo…Cisco doesn't have it. Team Juniper does. See how easy Pathfinder is?  You don't even need to know the competitor’s product model; it finds that for you! Also if you are a sales guy looking to close in on a deal where a customer wants to know what exclusive features you offer, you can find that with Pathfinder too, all in one aisle, like I said.


Network Product Selector toolNetwork Product Selector tool


For all the system engineers out there talking to customers, there is the Network Product Selector. This amazing tool tells you which Juniper switch/security product is the right fit for any network. Why is that important? Because you don't wear oversized clothes, do you? You wear clothes that fit just right. Similarly, with Network Product Selector you get to know the "right-fit" product for your network. With simple drop click options that lets me zoom in on deployment options like Campus, Branch or Data Center, I get to know just the right product. I'm not that smart, Network Product Selector is!  Imagine I am a sales guy looking to pitch data center products to my customer. I know some options are good, but I don't know if they are the "right-fit.” With this tool that dilemma is over.


And finally for my technical audience, Pathfinder has a unique Hardware Compatibility tool that tells you the exact transceiver model that is compatible with your Juniper product.


Today I'm having one of those days when I want to find out which SFP transceivers does my QFX5100 support.  Hit enter and you have that list. Now the icing on the cake: Pathfinder also has command and syntax level information with CLI Explorer. So if you are configuring one of our devices and you are wondering how to configure LACP, CLI Explorer provides the exact command at your fingertips.


So there it is folks, Pathfinder –  your “one aisle” for everything, a magic potion for all your troubles. You can check out Pathfinder at