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Day One Books Approaching 500,000 Downloads
Jan 8, 2014

Have you heard about our Day One Book Library




With almost 500,000 downloads many of you certainly have!


In case you are not familiar with the popular series, each book in the Day One Library is designed to help you learn something new about Juniper technology in less than a day.


You might also be surprised to learn that the Day One Book initiative is a volunteer program. None of the authors have ever earned a penny, and most of the books are free. These books are not about sales and royalties. They are about advancing networking science and engineering in the Juniper Way: a roll-up-your sleeves and go into the lab and learn something new approach.


The Day One Library initiative also got started in a similar spirit of innovation. Shortly after we had just published the first edition of Junos for Dummies in 2009, one of the Junos Product Managers came to me and asked if we could do an excerpt of the first few chapters as a special download, or giveaway. 




After learning that the publisher was going to charge us an arm and a leg to do the excerpt, I turned to the PM and said, "We can do this ourselves."


She said, "We've got to keep this short, I don't have the time," and I reminded her of that Steve Jobs quote, "Less is hard."  Sure enough, it took us months to develop the Day One style for that first book of 60-some pages about the Junos CLI.


And now we have over 35 titles from which you can choose!


Sometime in April, or maybe May, the clicker will pass 500,000 downloads. That's a cumulative number since 2009, and includes all the distribution points: J-Net, iTunes, Amazon, and even the print copies on That's pretty cool for a volunteer program creating documents written by and for network engineers.


Congratulations to all who participated! In this case, we've proven that Less is More.


Have an idea for a Day One book? Contact me at


Patrick Ames, Editor in Chief, Juniper Networks Books

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Jan 18, 2014
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Congratulations on this milestone.  And thanks for creating this great library of resources.


Steve Puluka BSEET
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