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BLOG: Information Experience (iX)
Freshen Up Your Spring Reading List With 10 New Titles From iX
Mar 27, 2014

Spring is here, and many new titles seem to have sprung up overnight. 


Here are 10 new titles to freshen up your reading list!


1. EWAN Design and Implementation Guide



The Juniper Networks Enterprise WAN (EWAN) solution is designed to meet the needs of an increasingly complex network segment that is a key enabler for current and future business requirements. This document serves as a complete design and implementation overview of the Juniper Networks EWAN solution. It includes an overview of challenges, business drivers, and design considerations and recommendations, along with step-by-step implementation guidance that provides configuration and verification of each solution component.  


Learn more at EWAN Design and Implementation Guide.


2. MetaFabric Architecture Virtualized Data Center Design and Implementation Guide


This document provides a comprehensive guide to designing and implementing an Enterprise class data center that fully supports VMware virtualized applications and a shared storage network. It provides full step-by-step configuration and validation examples for building the system. It was built in conjunction with VMware, EMC, F5, and IBM products.


Learn more at MetaFabric Architecture Virtualized Data Center Design and Implementation Guide.


3. WLS Software Release 9.1 Documentation


The Wireless LAN Services (WLS) Software Release 9.1 includes documentation for Mobility System Software (MSS) wireless LAN (WLAN) controller software, RingMaster management software, and SmartPass server-based WLAN security management software. New features include support for the Bonjour Gateway, which enables you to filter local Bonjour mDNS packets on the network and supports service discovery across multiple VLANs; support for the JunosV Wireless LAN Controller (JunosV WLC), a next-generation virtual WLAN controller that uses a cloud-based architecture with physical access points; and enhancements to the Advanced Access Point Data Rate Adaptation feature that provide a robust wireless link between any client type or mesh node and access points under normal as well as under challenging signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) conditions.


Learn more at Wireless LAN Services (WLS) Software Documentation, Release 9.1.


4. Chef for Junos OS, Release 11.10 Documentation


Chef for Junos OS automates the provisioning and management of computing, networking, and storage resources, whether these resources are onsite, in the cloud, or both. Chef for Junos OS transforms infrastructure into code, enabling you to configure, deploy, and scale in real time while reducing the risk of human error. You can use Chef for Junos OS to automate common switching network configurations, such as physical and logical Ethernet link properties and VLANs, on selected Juniper Networks devices. See the Chef for Junos OS Release Notes for information about which Juniper Networks devices support Chef clients.


Learn more at Chef for Junos OS, Release 11.10.


5. Day One: MPLS for Enterprise Engineers


Building a path from simple Enterprise network administration to High IQ Network administration is a job for the Day One Library. MPLS and MPLS applications can be intimidating to Enterprise engineers, especially if they are new to the Service Provider world. This Day One book makes it easier to understand how to configure, verify, and troubleshoot the basics of MPLS. Practical commands with a thoughtful explanation of why each one is needed, backed by detailed show commands and real examples, will give Enterprise engineers the confidence to play in the Service Provider space.


Learn more at Day One: MPLS for Enterprise Engineers.


6. FAQ: MPLS in Juniper Networks Switches



This Network Configuration Example (NCE) provides an overview of MPLS technology and answers questions about possible applications of MPLS with EX Series switches, supported MPLS features on EX Series switches, and much more.


Learn more at FAQ: MPLS in Juniper Networks Switches.


7. Business Edge Design Guide


The new Business Edge Design Guide documents the business edge solution. The solution provides design and implementation guidance and configurations that enable the provisioning of services to business customers and support of other carrier services to residential and mobile operating units. The solution provides a proven path to service convergence using common IP infrastructure so that the provider can quickly, safely, and conveniently realize the benefits of a fully verified Juniper Networks-based reference architecture. The solution is a complete and deployable network architecture designed to intelligently leverage the variety of advanced and often overlooked technologies inherent in Juniper Networks software and hardware.


Learn more at Business Edge Design Guide.


8. CSE Documentation (and Video!)



The Carrier-Grade Service Engine (CSE) documentation covers the CSE solution, which enables Juniper Networks PTX5000 Packet Transport Routers to provide high-performance flow monitoring and accounting services. In addition to the standard set of hardware and software documentation, the Information Experience team has also published a video demonstrating how to connect a CSE2000 device to a PTX5000 Router


Learn more at CSE Series Documentation


9. Learn About Series



The first three books in our new Learn About Series include: Secure VPNsDifferences between IPv4 and IPv6, and Data Center Bridging. The series provides networking fundamentals as well as key Juniper implementation details. Printed copies are also available on Amazon and Apple iTunes.


10. Junos OS Release 13.2X51-D15 for EX Series and QFX Series Switches


Documentation is now available for Junos OS Release 13.2X51-D15 for EX Series and QFX Series switches. Major features include support for EX4300-32F switches; support for QFX5100-96S switches; automation enhancements for QFX5100 switches that enable you to run unsigned programs, such as programs that you develop with Python, Chef, and Puppet; enhancements to the network analytics feature on QFX5100 switches; support for In-Service Software Upgrade and Zero Touch Provisioning on QFX5100 switches; and support for configuring the fields that the LAG hashing algorithm inspects to determine how traffic is placed on the member links in the bundle on an EX4300 switch or EX4300 Virtual Chassis.


Learn more at Junos OS for EX4300 Switches, Release 13.2X51 and Junos OS for the QFX Series, Release 13.2X51.



Happy reading!



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Apr 1, 2014
Trusted Expert



thanks for the links !


FAQ: MPLS in Juniper Networks Switches points to 'Frequently Asked Questions: MPLS Connectivity'

Shouldn't it be something like following link ?







Apr 1, 2014
Juniper Employee

Good catch. Yes indeed! I have fixed the link. 🙂