BLOG: Information Experience (iX)
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BLOG: Information Experience (iX)
Juniper Takes User Assistance to the Next Level with Ready-When-You-Are Guidance Design,
Jun 1, 2017

If you’ve worked on recent releases of Security Director, Cloud Service Orchestration (CSO), or Sky ATP, you’ve no doubt seen some major improvements to our GUIs.


These GUIs were designed by a team of UX pros who focused on simplicity, intuitive design, and common sense workflows. 


What you may or may not have noticed is that a similar attention to detail and usability has been extended to the Guidance Design that accompanies these applications. Guidance Design creates contextual, simple, nonintrusive application help when you need it and where you need it.


Here’s everything you need to know to take advantage of this cool functionality:


  • Guidance Design is not your Clippy-ish (remembrances of the old Microsoft paper clip) embedded help. Guidance Design is a nonintrusive and nondistracting part of the application that will serve you content only when you truly need and ask for it.  
  • The Getting Started panel, which is the first piece of Guidance Design you’ll likely see when logging into Security Director or CSO, will take you through the Day 0 workflow that you need as you get acquainted with your application.

Getting Started-Admin Portal.png

  • The Getting Started panel is moveable, which means you can follow along with the instructions no matter where you are working in the application.
  • The Guidance Design is purposefully designed to be nonintrusive, which means the information is there for you only when you truly need it. So, the next time you get stuck on a configuration, just look for the ? to find the answer to your question; it’s right at your fingertips.
  • At the top right corner of your application is a drop-down menu with links to release notes, FAQs, the Getting Started panel, and a slew of other helpful information in the Online Help Center.
  • The new Online Help Centers are specifically designed for the application you are in – no more random searches on Google or navigating through to find the information you need. It’s all right there in the application.

Help Center.png


This is just the first iteration of the Juniper Networks Guidance Design Model. We are planning some really cool stuff. We’d love to partner with you in designing content that is innovative, useful, and amazing. Contact us directly via this blog or use the rating widget to provide direct feedback on particular areas of interest or concern.


We hope that you’ll find Guidance Design a useful supplement to the work you’re doing on Juniper Networks applications! Remember, we are always here to HELP (pun intended).

Jun 1, 2017
Juniper Employee

This is an excellent summary about the evolution of the Guidance Design model and the extended collaboration with Juniper applications! Looking forward to the subsequent iterations!

Jun 3, 2017
Distinguished Expert

These are excellent improvements to usability in these complex management systems themselves.


I'm wondering if there is a way to cross reference these common workflows in the actual documentation for when we are researching tasks or problems off the system invovled.



Jun 5, 2017
Juniper Employee

Hi Steve,


I appreciate your positive and thoughtful comments about our new guidance design model - thank you.


We do have these workflows available in our Tech Library on in addition to in the applications. For example, you can access the content for the CSO Getting Started Panel  here. Is this what you meant? Our online help centers are also on www so customer can bookmark these. The team has been looking into other ways to make the content easily available for all customers.


We're in the middle of conducting usability tests on our Guidance Design 2.0 model which will have further improvements and innovations. If you're interested in participating in these we'd love to hear your insights. Email me directly and we'll loop you in - the studies take roughly an hour ( Thanks again for your comments and your interest!