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BLOG: Information Experience (iX)
Looking to Simplify Your Life? Use Contrail 5.1
May 17, 2019

Contrail 5.1 has just released and, if you like the idea of optimizing and improving the quality of your network and life, then the new features and transformed documentation set are bound to delight you. 


The features our hard-working engineering teams have developed, including multicloud provisioning with Contrail Cloud UI, Contrail Fabric Zero Touch Provisioning, and support for Data Center Interconnect, have been developed in an effort to simplify your work.


Additionally, our content team, working with professional services, has transformed Contrail’s documentation set. Our previous two-document content set is now broken into six guides that address each step in your workflow. We’ve also doubled down on quality, usability, and simplicity and think you’ll love the changes we made.


See below for the newest content available in this release and some of our top Contrail 5.1 picks!


Contrail Installation and Upgrade Guide –Install or upgrade Contrail with the step-by-step instructions in this guide.


Contrail Deployment Guide – Understand and complete next steps after you successfully install Contrail. 


Contrail Fabric Lifecycle Management and BMS Guide – Configure Contrail underlay management and data center automation and learn about extending Contrail to bare metal servers.


Contrail Networking and Security User Guide – Learn how you can create and orchestrate highly secure virtual networks using Contrail Networking and Security. With Contrail Networking you can configure dynamic end-to-end networking policy and control for any cloud, any workload, and any deployment, from a single user interface. And, unlike the conventional firewall configuration of IP addresses and port ranges, with Contrail Security you can implement an intent-based policy framework that uses policy constructs such as tags, labels, application policy set, address groups, and service groups.


Contrail Service Provider Focused Features Guide – Optimize your data plane, learn about advanced network topologies, and configure advanced service chaining with this guide.


Contrail Analytics and Troubleshooting Guide – Troubleshoot your network using Appformix and Contrail analytics, which provide system state information, usage statistics, and debug information for all software modules across all of the nodes of the system.


Here are some of the top picks that you will discover in Contrail 5.1:


Contrail All-In-One Cluster- Deploy Contrail Command and All-In-One (AIO) Contrail Cluster using a single docker command without providing any configuration files. 


Simplified Multicloud Deployments– Use Contrail Command to deploy and provision multicloud. Contrail Command supports provisioning of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Layer 3 PNF Service Chaining of Inter-LR Traffic - Create layer 3 physical network functions (PNF) that support service chains for inter-LR (logical router) traffic. Automate the configuration of QFX10000 and SRX devices to allow movement of inter-LR traffic between bare metal servers through layer 3 PNF.


Support for Edge Routed Bridging - With edge-routed bridging (ERB), configure inter-VN unicast routing at the leaf (ToR) switches in an IP CLOS with an underlay connectivity topology.


Support for OpenShift 3.11 -Use ansible-openshift to deploy a standalone Red Hat OpenShift 3.111 Container Platform cluster.


End to end Data Center ZTP and Contrail cluster provisioning using Contrail Command - Use Contrail Command to provision Contrail Fabric with end-to-end ZTP.


Support for Data Center Interconnect - Automate data center interconnect (DCI) of two different data centers with logical routers.


Support for Contrail on Windows Operating System - Deploy overlay network virtualization for Windows Docker containers.Windows server 2016 supports containerization using Docker containers and Contrail components such as vRouter agent. Contrail’s vRouter kernel module has been ported and qualified to run on Windows Server 2016.  


For more information about the newest features in Contrail 5.1, see the Contrail 5.1 Release Notes.