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BLOG: Information Experience (iX)
Need a Technology Refresher? Introducing the Learn About Series
Feb 13, 2014

Show of hands: how many of you have been in a position where you need to refresh your basic understanding of a network technology, and you need to do it by tomorrow? Keep your hands up if you also need to understand how that technology is implemented in Juniper products.


You can put your hands down now, because the Information Experience (iX) team is proud to introduce the Learn About series. Each Learn About book is about the length of a white paper and is perfect for reviewing key concepts on the plane, on the train, or before that big meeting.


Learn About Secure VPNs




Virtual private networks (VPNs) are a technology that you know by name but not by what it does or how it works. Chances are, much of the time you spend on the Internet is probably spent using a Secure VPN – when you’re mobile and pinging the office, at home telecommuting, or using the cloud to connect to a data center. Juniper Networks is constantly striving to improve security, and making VPNs more reliable and secure is a top priority. Learn more about secure VPNs in this new Learn About book. Find it on, Amazon or iTunes.


Learn About Differences in Addressing Between IPv4 and IPv6




Although IPv6 is intended to eventually replace IPv4, they are tightly mingled right now. Learn about the differences between these Internet protocols, including the addressing schemes and related protocols they use, in this new Learn About book. Find it on Juniper.netAmazon and iTunes.


Learn About Data Center Bridging




Ethernet networks are designed to drop packets during periods of congestion. But when network designers need to transport data across an Ethernet network without dropping packets, what can they do? They can pay an arm and a leg for a full 1:1 transport network with not a whiff of oversubscription, but who can afford that? Especially when there’s a better way. Learn more about Data Center Bridging, a method that uses the existing Ethernet infrastructure to guarantee lossless traffic delivery while also accommodating the usual best-effort traffic, in this new Learn About book. Find it on, Amazon and iTunes.


Want More?


We are expanding the Learn About series with more books, infographics, and videos this year. We would love to know the technologies you want us to cover.


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Feb 13, 2014
Distinguished Expert

These seem like a good addition to the collection.


Is there a "home page" in documenation to see a full list?


The links on Secure VPN and Datacenter bridging seem to be broken, but the IPV6 one does come up for me.


Steve Puluka BSEET 
Juniper Ambassador 
Senior Network Engineer - UPMC Pittsburgh, PA
MCP - Managing Server 2003 MCP - Windows XP Professional
MCTS Windows 7

Feb 13, 2014
Administrator Administrator

Thanks, Steve! The Learn About series was one of the new documents that we showed you and the iCAB in the beginning stages, so we really owe our customers for helping us to expand the offering!


The links are fixed now. We are working on a landing page for the Learn About Series and hope to have it ready in the next month.




Feb 17, 2014
Distinguished Expert

These look quite interesting. Nice topical content that does a nice job of presenting a reasonable level of technical detail without being totally in the weeds. 


Two questions - I searched the Apple iTunes and the App Store and could not find them. Am I just missing the right key search word?

Any issues with dissementing these PDF's out to customers, potential customers? I am assuming not but just want to ask.


Kevin Barker 

Feb 18, 2014
Administrator Administrator

Hi Kevin,


Thanks! Glad you find these useful.


I reposted the article with direct links to the Ebooks on Amazon and iTunes. BTW, I had better luck searching on their titles in Google rather than within those sites. 


We encourage you to share these with your customers. Let us know if there are any titles you would like us to cover, and we would love to hear their feedback.


Best regards,