BLOG: Information Experience (iX)
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BLOG: Information Experience (iX)
New Simplified Documentation Architecture
Mar 26, 2018

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With the release of Junos OS Release 18.1, Juniper is simplifying its technical documentation to make it easier for you to find information and know that you can rely on it when you find it. In the past, we organized documentation about Junos OS software features into platform-specific documents. In many cases, features are supported on multiple platforms, so you might not easily find the document you want for your platform.


With Junos OS Release 18.1, we have eliminated the platform-specific software feature documents. For example, if you want to find documentation on OSPF, there is only one document regardless of which platform you have. Here are some of the benefits of our new simplified architecture:


  • Over time, you will see better search results when looking for Juniper documentation. You will be able to find what you want faster and be assured that is the right document.
  • If a software feature is supported on multiple platforms, you can find information about all the platforms in one place.
  • Because we have eliminated many documents that covered similar topics, you will now find one document with all the information.
  • You can know that you are always getting the most current and accurate information.

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Apr 19, 2018



Thank you so much for the information, but how the

1. "release specific" topics will look like?

2. "hardware specific" topics will look like?



Apr 20, 2018
Juniper Employee

Hi Andrei:
Thanks for reading Juniper technical documentation and reaching out with your question.
We no longer have release-specific topics. Instead, when something is different in a release, we mention the difference in the text. For example:

example 1.jpg


In addition, we add the same information at the bottom of the topic so that you know you can always find release information in the same place. For example, the following appears at the bottom of the same topic:example 2.jpg



Regarding hardware documentation: The changes described by “New Simplified Documentation Architecture” apply only to Junos software feature documentation. There is no change to the hardware documentation.
Thanks again for using Juniper technical documentation.


Feel free to reply with any more questions.