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5-30-2015 Invitation to Participate in Argon Secure – Design Review

‎05-30-2015 02:02 AM

Invitation to Participate in Argon Secure – Design Review


The Juniper Networks’ research team would like to invite you to participate in an Argon Secure design review. During this design review, you will have the opportunity to provide recommendations on the design and functionality for Argon Secure, and to further improve the features’ efficiency and usefulness.


The Argon Secure technology provides functionality to prevent, detect, and respond to zero-day malware using your existing SRX series service gateway and Juniper’s cloud-based advanced anti-malware analysis technologies. When you enable your SRX with Argon, it will be able to prevent infection via zero-day malware and detect internal hosts that are already compromised or become compromised outside of the network. You can manage your anti-malware policy and investigate incidents via the web-based threat management console, which provides deep insight into the behaviors associated with these advanced threats.


I would like to invite Security Administrators and Security Analysts to participate in the design reviews, which will be 1.5 hours in length and conducted remotely using GoToMeeting or locally in the Sunnyvale, CA usability lab.


The Argon Secure design reviews will be conducted during the following days:

Monday, June 1

6:00 am Pacific DT through 7:30 am Pacific DT (start time), or

11:30 am Pacific DT through 10:00 pm Pacific DT


Tuesday, June 2

6:00 am Pacific DT or 6:30 am Pacific DT (start time), or

9:30 am Pacific DT through 10:00 pm Pacific DT


Wednesday, June 3 through Thursday, June 4:

6:00 am Pacific DT through 10:00 pm Pacific DT


To thank you for your technical feedback, I will send you a gift with a value of $100, if you are eligible to receive a gift according to your organization’s gift policy for participating in Juniper Networks’ design review.


Also, please sign and email the attached Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement.

To participate, please select a time for a 1.5 hour design review during one of the days listed above and email:


Thank you,

Olga Towstopiat


Olga Towstopiat, Ph.D.

Sr. Staff, S3BU Customer Experience Research, Program Lead

Office: 408-936-8239