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Engineering Simplicity | Oct 9, 2018
NXTWORK 2018: Engineering Simplicity During a Time of Explosive Growth

This marks the fourth year of our annual customer event, NXTWORK. We have come a long way from our inaugural kick-off event in Santa Clara in 2015 where we drew a crowd of 267 attendees. In 2018, this number has grown to 730 attendees and we’ve taken the show around the world with stops in Australia, the U.K., China and Las Vegas.


The theme for NXTWORK 2018 is Engineering Simplicity in a time of explosive growth. Across our industry, everywhere you look, there is evidence of growth. Whether it’s the eye-popping bandwidth numbers driven by multimedia, the number of connected devices around the planet or the continued mass migration to cloud that shows up in the cloud providers quarterly results, rapid growth is all around us.


Rapid growth typically indicates progress, but growth can also create complexity.


At Juniper Networks, we like to solve hard problems. We develop technology to solve the most difficult, but also the most important problems in the world. It’s why we have decided to dig through the clutter and create a new true north for Juniper: battling growth-inhibiting complexity.

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