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Take Two Aspirin and Tweet Me @baskiyer in the Morning
Dec 31, 2013

I am not one for making predictions or New Year’s resolutions. After all, anyone can do a Google search and find plenty of lists like WSJ’s Market Watch, CNNMoney or The Economist.  


As I close one year and enter into the next, I find myself reflecting upon the past 365 days. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and speak with customers, employees, peers, suppliers, analysts, tech start-ups, and even some competitors. Lots of interesting conversations, some over a coffee, others over a beer.


Along with the proverbial “take two aspirin and tweet me (@baskiyer) in the morning", I invite you to read further for some tidbits I’ve picked up along the way in 2013:


  • Ask Why Not: We’ve successfully leveraged a cloud architecture and simplicity of cloud design to set up private and hybrid clouds to adapt our Juniper IT practice--fully leveraging cloud-based resources over the Juniper network. All along this process, in asking “Why Not Cloud?”, our IT team successfully migrated apps, platforms, and infrastructure much more quickly than I originally thought possible.


  • Demand Big: When it comes to driving change and coming up with some moonshot ideas, demand big from your team, but be accepting of some failures along the way.


  • Don’t Speak Geek: In order to be seen as strategic, focus on the business, not the tech. If you litter your sentences with techie acronyms, you are likely to be relegated to geek-dom. Instead, use terms like market growth, higher customer satisfaction, or time-to-market; these resonate with business leaders.


  • Jump into the Deep End: If IT is expected to enable corporate growth, don’t sit on your hands. Rather, define a strategy, and jump in, and trust in your team to execute. You’ll need to blow up some old things along the way (like your aging apps stack or your infrastructure stack). It’s better to modernize quickly vs. dragging your feet and filling potholes. Yes, it might be painful, but you’ll have the opportunity to course correct as you go.


  • Reverse Engineer: If you are trying to figure out a mobile apps strategy for your company, you’ll need to explore ways mobile could change your business dynamics. Start with the end result and work backwards. Channel your energy to create value and develop something that employees will use on a regular basis.


Lastly….here’s my personal list of waning and waxing trends that I am seeing as related to enterprise IT. 


Waxing Trends

Waning Trends

  • Amazon web services & open source
  • Wearable Internet (smart watch, glasses)
  • Skype-like video conferencing for the enterprise
  • Worldwide sourcing of Silicon Valley talent
  • Proprietary data center stacks
  • Personal computer
  • Teleconferencing/expensive room video conferencing
  • Outsourcing to lower cost regions


Happy New Year!  Smiley Very Happy