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Think Your Enterprise is Mobile Ready? Think Again.
Oct 15, 2013

I invite you to listen to some short videos taken during my MobileCON keynote on Oct 17, 2013:

Video #1: What the User Needs (01:07)

Video #2: The App User as a Consumer (00:34s)

Video #3: The Value of Enterprise Apps (00:45s)



Did you know that one in four apps that are downloaded are subsequently abandoned after the initial use? Why? Because they are too complicated, or don’t help the person.  People will only use personal apps that enhance their lives. Same for work: people will only use mobile apps that enhance their work lives.


Chris Matyszczyk aptly summed it up in a CNet article: “Humans are lazy. The easier you can make it for them to have all their information in their pockets, handbags and manbags, the more likely they are to like that."


Enterprise-grade mobile apps should simplify work flows and increase productivity. If your company is really serious about developing mobile apps, you’ll need to channel your energy to create value and develop something that employees will use on a regular basis. You could develop a cafeteria menu app, but is it game-changing? Not really.


Instead, figure out how Mobile fits into your company’s ops. Explore ways mobile could change your business dynamics. It’s like reverse engineering---start with the end result and work backwards.


Some questions to ask:

  • Are there parts of the business that could benefit from mobility?
  • Is a specific job role a likely candidate for mobile apps usage?
  • Are there work flows that could benefit from mobile automation?
  • Can you develop Mobile First applications that do not have a PC equivalent? (e.g. enable remote diagnostics with GPS or camera).  

Unfortunately, for any IT shop, the quality of consumer apps are so good and users expect a nice, pretty, well-designed experience. So it makes it really hard for Enterprise IT…we can’t go and create an ugly mobile app. Instead, IT needs to partner with the business--together, develop a joint mobile apps roadmap and figure out what the business wants and needs.


Engage with me @baskiyer, #JuniperMobileCON.




Oct 21, 2013
Distinguished Expert

Good post - good clips. I personally have about 100+ plus apps on my devices and I think that on a device specific basis I must use about a dozen per each device. I have not gotten so tired of going to blog site, or a news site and seeing the ubiquitos "download the app here" button just to read an article. 


Apps must add value - or why bother to have them. Something that most developers and companies don't seem to understand.


Kevin Barker 

Oct 23, 2013

Kevin--Thank you for your kind comments. The key is to experiment here. Be flexible and think of enablement before enforcement. A lot more innovation will be unlocked in enterprise app space. New companies will emerge with no big physical infrastructure and just a vision to provide a great mobile experience. We need to find and bet on a few.