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Juniper Support iPad App

07.05.11   |  
‎07-05-2011 07:20 PM



I just downloaded the Cisco Technical Support app on my iPad.  Very impressed.  Is Juniper planning to do the same?  I love accessing the forums and KB over the web, but an app adds a lot of value.



John Judge

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Re: Juniper Support iPad App

08.08.11   |  
‎08-08-2011 03:56 PM

Hi John,


Sorry for the late reply, we had to noodle on this one a bit.


We would love to, and we will...but not real soon unfortunately. 


We are going through a lot of back-office transitions on the web applications that app would rely on (Case Manager, Software Downloads, Techpubs, Search, etc). So until we get some of those major sub-systems migrated to more scalable and mature systems, an app would not be practical.


Thanks for asking - as we make further progress I'll update this thread.