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Port channel with sub interface config on MX

‎04-04-2015 09:17 PM


I am new to the JunOS platform and I wanted to create a port channel with sub interface on a MX 480 router.


I have a logical system and I want the port channel sub interface to be part of the logical system with an encap of vlan id 50 and ip of . I am not sure of how the cli's are as I a coming from the Cisco world Smiley Sad


Also the other side of the port channel is on a Palo alto firewall which also has an ae configured with a sub interface configured for vlan 50.


Appreciate your help.







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‎08-26-2015 01:27 AM

Re: Port channel with sub interface config on MX

‎04-05-2015 02:28 AM



You need to allow the system to have aggregated-devices:


set chassis aggregated-devices ethernet device-count 1

( if you need more devices change the number to the devices you need)


Next step is to put the interfaces you want to you in the ae bundle:  ( you can add to upto 8 interfaces in an ae Bundle)


set interfaces ge-0/1/0 description "ge-0/1/0 <---> ge-1/0/0.otherdevice"
set interfaces ge-0/1/0 ether-options 802.3ad ae0


set interfaces ge-0/2/0 description "ge-0/2/0 <---> ge-2/0/0.otherdevice"
set interfaces ge-0/2/0 ether-options 802.3ad ae0


#Configure the ae0 interface (bundled ae device)

set interfaces ae0 description " <---> aeX.otherdice"
set interfaces ae0 aggregated-ether-options link-speed 1g
set interfaces ae0 aggregated-ether-options lacp active


#allow vlan tagging on the bundled ae interface

set interfaces ae0 vlan-tagging


#config the vlan tag on the sub-interface and IP 

set interfaces ae0 unit 50 description "vlan50"

set interfaces ae0 unit 50 vlan-id 50

set interfaces ae0 unit 50 family inet address


#add the interface to your logical system

set routing-instances <name-of-logical-system> interface ae0.50


Hope this helps you a little




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Re: Port channel with sub interface config on MX

‎04-05-2015 06:25 PM

Accepted and kudos !!