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qfx10002-36Q Visio stencil

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‎12-17-2018 05:35 AM



I have really no idea on where to place this request, but I would like a correction to be done on the qfx10002-36Q Visio stencil, the port numbering in the stencil provided in the QFX-pack does not resemble the real-life qfxs or port-panel descriptions on this web.


Attached-picture shows the bad stencil on top, and a photo of the hardware on the bottom (I added larger numbers dince they are hard to read)



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Re: qfx10002-36Q Visio stencil

‎12-17-2018 08:52 AM

Hi One. -


Thanks for posting in J-Net! Stay tuned for some help Smiley Happy


- Jeremiah, J-Net Community Manager

J-Net Community Manager
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Re: qfx10002-36Q Visio stencil

‎12-17-2018 04:56 PM

Typically on a documentation page there is a ratings/feedback button where you can submit comments like this directly to the content owner.  Unfortunately I don't see that option enabled here.


I will notify the Juniper ICAB (International content advisory board) team to have a look at this post.  They can usually track down content owners to see what they can do.


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