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Defining Networking with “What Is?” Articles

Answering your Questions and Accelerating your Learning  


When coming across something that you aren’t familiar with, or something you want to know more about, what is the first thing you do? “Google, what is…?”


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Search engines, such as Google, are significant drivers in providing anyone and everyone with immediate information; therefore, we want to be the leader in providing you with exactly the right information you are looking for to guide you through your learning process.


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Juniper’s Information Learning and Experience (iLX) team is developing a new series of articles to answer common “What is?” questions regarding key networking technologies. When you’re looking to learn about a new networking technology, Juniper will be there to answer your questions first, bringing you closer to expertise, both efficiently and conveniently. The “What Is” series makes it easy to jump from article to article in the “What Is” index page, as well as convenient navigation to our product pages and other resources.


what is pic 3.png


Check out the first articles of this new series, and stay tuned for more to come!


We Need Your Help!


We are ready to start writing, but we need more ideas for topics, new technologies entering the market and more! Do you have great ideas for more “What is” articles? Contact Claudette Hobbart or comment below to start collaborating!


Thank you for your participation!






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Very nice. I learned something today.

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Great! I'm so glad!


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Hi QA- The links have been fixed. Thank you!

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