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[Promotion Closed] Promotion: Tell us your Certification Story

Would you like to renew your existing certification, move up a level in your particular track or get certified in a new track? Then let us help you! Take part in our “Tell us about why you became Juniper Certified” story promotion and receive either a 100% off voucher for a certification exam or two hours of virtual lab time. This will help you on your way to obtaining another Juniper Certification.  Simply follow the steps below.

Here’s what you need to do to submit your story:

  1. If you’re not a member of J-Net you’ll need to register for a free user account in order to post your story, so take that first step now. To complete the registration process sign in to J-Net after registration and pick a user ID. Be sure to check out the General Training and Certification Forum board for conversations about certification.
  2. Reply to this article with your story. Tell us about yourself, why you became certified and why you want to renew or obtain another certification. Your stories must be 100 words or more to be eligible.
  3. We will contact you upon submission of your story via J-Net private message to provide you with either the exam voucher or lab time.


*No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Entrants must have one or more Juniper certifications to be eligible. Story submission ends at midnight PT on September 30, 2010. Limit one entry per person. Promotion is open to persons over the age of 18 that are invited to participate by Juniper Networks. Limit one (1) voucher per eligible respondent per eligible certification exam or two (2) hours of free virtual lab time per eligible respondent. Supply of vouchers and lab time is limited. Vouchers will be awarded in the sole discretion of Juniper Networks based on determination of eligibility and availability of vouchers. Vouchers and lab time are not transferable without express written consent of Juniper Networks and may not be redeemed for cash or substituted for other goods or services. Juniper Networks reserves the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time without notice.




I´m JNCIA-M, JNCIS-M certified and I´d like to be JNCIP-M certified. I´m working hard in lab to pass JNCIP-M hands-on exam. I´m cisco certified too.......CCNA & CCIP but I think Juniper is better than cisco. My goal is to be JNCIE-M certified.


Best regards





I am Ghan Shyam, a Network professional from Nepal with two year professional experience in networking filed for organization which is working juniper as well as Cisco devices. When I get word ‘networking’, most interestingly, I decided to be professional in networking then I went to study about Cisco devices, mostly routing, switching etc.   This is only the course taught here in academy and IT training center also.

I started my career by certification in Cisco CCNA and then I get opportunity to study about the juniper security devices along with my working based on Cisco devices and recently I get certification in JNCIA –JUNOS.

My first career started in an Enterprise where Cisco as well as juniper devices. At that time two of my co-workers were preparing for the juniper certification and when they certified in juniper that motivates me to be certified in juniper when they became a hero amongst our team of Network professional. Everybody started to give them more respect and listened to what they had to say


All that got me going towards the world of certifications. I certified JNCIA-JUNOS and want to move my way up to higher level of certification. When I started my career in enterprises where I got a hands on Juniper products as well as Cisco. I like Juniper more than any other vendor because Juniper products give you more features in one device than any other vendor.

The Juniper Fast Track Certification helped me to get my JNCIA-Junos certifications. Now, I want to get to the top level i.e. JNCIE and my next aim is to get the JNCIS-ENT/SP certification. I’d love to get a free voucher for that certification.



Ghan Shyam


I am an engineer working on various networking projects for my company. I became interested in being certified because the project I was working on selected Juniper products. Since I received my first JNCIA cert I have been studying to get hte next level. I think certification is a really good way to ensure that network engineers who select and integrate products have sufficient knowledge to be competent when solving problems in the factory and in the field. Since I became certified, I have encouraged all my colleagues to become certified. This has been a good thing.

Distinguished Expert

I tell my certification story in a blog story on my web site.


JUNOS Certification Story


I am essentially a server administrator of 20 years that has slid into a networking support role along with this over the last five years.  I had never heard of Juniper until introduced to the company when my IT director was looking for WAN accelleration solutions.  The meeting was fortuitous as it opened up a world of options for me on our network and I've been happy to pursue the certification path that Juniper has made as easy as feasible.


See the blog for details and a list of resources I used to learn the technology and get certified.


My certification story has been a remarkable turn around to the path I had wanted to inbark on when I was in university. To me certification meant Microsoft. i was always studying for MCSE modules. It wasnt until my final year 3 years ago when I joined a local ISP as an intern Help desk tech that I got introduced to networking certifications.
As my role in the company increased with me becoming full time, the need for me to actually certify became apparent and my 1st  like most people was CCNA. Once I got my CCNA I was hooked and immediately started working towards my CCNP.
While enroute to my 1st ccnp exam, someone at work mentioned juniper and the fact that the ompany wanted to change the core of the network to Juniper. I only looked into juniper with the intention of just looking but I got hooked. Next thing I know I was attending Junos summer school, writting my 1st Junos Enterprise exam and attending instructor led courses for the M series route. So far my pit stop has been the JNCIS-ER but only to refuel and check tyre pressure.