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Thankful For IT

The IT industry is rooted in a fundamental goal: Deliver the technology and connectivity necessary to further not only business, but everything it contributes to the end-user’s experience. From the CIO to the network engineers to the service desk, they’re all building more than a network. They’re building a platform for others to succeed and enjoy a better user experience.


With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce #ThankfulForIT, a program dedicated to recognizing the IT community and acknowledging their hard work. This is an opportunity to show a little extra appreciation to team members that navigated obstacles, gave more than 100% or carried projects across the finish line.


Who do you want to recognize?

  • Network engineers and architects
  • Service desk staff
  • School/career mentors
  • A senior lead or junior team member
  • A customer or partner
  • Tech-savvy friends and family?


When we make advancements in technology, we’re building more than a network; we’re motivated to make ideas become a reality. We’re united by a shared goal and we celebrate one another’s work and community to stay inspired.


Take a moment to:

  • Find a photo of the person (or people) you want to recognize
  • Visit
  • Upload & modify your photo with the overlay
  • Share it via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with hashtag #ThankfulForIT


Your thankfulness can be thanking your IT team at work, praising your sister for always fixing your internet at home, appreciating your kids for showing you how the latest gadgets work, or even recognizing your grandma for taking a programming class to understand what all the fuss is about. If their technical expertise or initiative to learn more inspires you, we want to celebrate them.


Stay tuned for more from the program and follow the #ThankfulForIT conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.