Configuration Library
Configuration Library

CLI commands Cisco VS. Juniper router will help in troubleshooting

‎12-16-2010 02:48 AM

Basic CLI Commands

Cisco IOSJuniper
To Ping ping ping
  traceroute traceroute
To display date / time show clock show system uptime
To display Chassis status show environment show chassis environment
To display history of commands entered show history show cli history
  show ip traffic show system statistics
  show logging show log
  show processes show system processes
  show running config show configuration
  show tech-support request support information
  show users show system users
  show version show version
  show arp show arp
  show interface show interfaces
 show interfaces detail
 show interfaces extensive
  show ip interface brief show interfaces terse
  show ip route show route
  show ip route summary show route summary
  show route-map show policy
  show tcp show system connections
  clear counters clear interface statistics
  clear arp-cache clear arp
  clear line 
  clear ip route 



BGP Commands 

Cisco IOSJuniper
  show ip bgp show route protocol bgp
  show ip bgp community show route community
  show ip bgp dampened paths show route damping decayed
  show ip bgp neighbors show bgp neighbor
  show ip bgp neighbors address
 show route advertising-protocol bgp
  show ip bgp neighbors address
 show route receive-protocol bgp address
  show ip bgp peer-group show bgp group
  show ip bgp regexp show route aspath-regex
  show ip bgp summary show bgp summary
  clear ip bgp clear bgp neighbor
  clear ip bgp dampening clear bgp damping


OSPF Commands

Cisco IOSJuniper
  show ip ospf database show ospf database
  show ip ospf interface show ospf interface
  show ip ospf neighbor show ospf neighbor


IS-IS Commands

Cisco IOSJuniper
  show clns neighbor show isis adjacency
  show isis database show isis database
  show isis route show isis routes
  show isis topology show isis routes
  show isis spf-log show isis spf log
  clear clns neighbor clear isis adjacency
  clear isis * clear isis database
Pragnesh Shikligar