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Chance to win an Apple iPad thru March 31, 2011

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‎01-14-2011 10:28 PM


THANK YOU for your participation in the building of our Configuration Library in 2010!

The name of the lottery winner for the Apple iPad is Digs.


We would like to keep building upon this valuable resource, so we are offering the opportunity to WIN AN APPLE IPAD at the end of March 2011!  The winner will be selected at random from among the qualified entries.  To be eligible to win the Apple iPad* follow these steps:


  1. Post your configuration using the Configuration Library Template by March 31, 2011. Refer to the instructions in How to post your configuration.
  2. Your name will be entered into the drawing for each annotated configuration using the Configuration Library Template.  Upload multiple examples to increase your chances to win.

Note:  All the Required fields of the Configuration Library Template must be completed in order to be eligible for the Apple iPad drawing. 



Title:  Configuration Example - <brief description> 


(Put title in Subject)


Product:  (Required field) 

Version:  (Required field) 


Network Topology:    (Required field) 

Include an illustration or a simple description of how the devices in your configuration are connected to each other.

Note:  If preferred, the Network topology can be provided as an attachment.  A maximum of three attachments can be added.


Description (Required field) 

Include the following:

-        Purpose—the problem your configuration is solving

-        Description of the configuration

-        What is unique about your configuration (Optional) 

Sample descriptions (see attachment)


Configuration:   (Required)

-        Include complete (all relevant configuration for your environment) configuration scenario                       

-        Annotate your configuration with comments

Example configuration with comments

How to add comments to Junos configuration


Attach your configuration with confidential information removed and comments added.

Note:  For configurations of Juniper products that are based on a GUI interface, it is recommended to put the completed screenshots (with comments) in Powerpoint or Word (and save it as a PDF).


Configuration postings which are copies or pointers to Juniper Networks documents, training material, and Knowledge Base will not be eligible for the iPad drawing.


Verification:   (Optional field)

Show commands or debug output



*Prizes include one 16GB Apple WiFi iPad. Apple iPad is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. Apple is not a participant in or a sponsor of this promotion. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 years or older to be eligible to win the prize(s). Void where prohibited by law. Winner(s) will be selected via random drawing.  Promotion ends at midnight PST on March  31, 2011. To be entered into the prize drawing, you must post your configuration by 11:59PM PST on March 31, 2011. Winners will be notified by the end of April 2011. iPad models are subject to availability and may differ from descriptions or photos shown in advertising materials. Juniper employees not eligible for this promotion.



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Re: Chance to win an Apple iPad thru March 31, 2011

‎04-15-2011 07:30 AM

The winner of the Apple iPad this quarter is spuluka!

THANK YOU for all your contributions to this valuable resource!