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Configuration Example – class of service

‎10-12-2010 08:14 AM

Title:  Configuration Example – class of service


 Product:  J-series (but should work on any junos device)


Version: tested on 9.6




There’s this company who is housed together with three customers. They have a junos router (J-series) at the edge to their ISP. They act as ISP for their customers. They came with the following question:

Can you configure COS so that each customer gets 4 Mbit when the line is full but get as much as needed when there is bandwidth left? And oh, customer3 has voip which needs to get prio within their 4 Mbit. Finally: can you prohibit management access by the customers?


Ouch a hard one but solved and tested on a simulator.


This is the config that solved it:


(See PDF attachment)


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Re: Configuration Example – class of service

‎03-22-2012 10:35 PM



How to verify the the exact shaping ?????? is there any way to verifying the exact shaping or not ?????

Please share your idea. You all are appreciated ...........