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Configuring VoIP without LLDP-MED or 802.1X authentication

‎11-23-2010 10:25 AM

Product: EX Switches

Version: 9.5



Here, we configure VoIP on an EX-series switch to support an IP phone that does not have LLDP-MED capabilities, set the mode of the port (to which you want to connect the IP phone) to trunk, add the port as a member of the voice VLAN, and configure the data VLAN as the native VLAN on the EX-series switch. This configuration ensures that the voice traffic and data traffic do not affect each other.

In this configuration, the trunk interface ge-0/0/2 on the EX 4200 switch is connected to a non-LLDP-MED IP phone.


Configure the VLANs for data and voice and set the vlan data-vlan on the interface


vlans {

     data-vlan {

         vlan-id 77;                       # assigning vlan-id 77 to data-vlan

         interface {

              ge-0/0/2.0;                 # set the data vlan on the interface



    voice-vlan {

       vlan-id 99;                        #configuring voice vlan and assigning the vlan-id to the vlan




Configuring Port mode and VLAN interfaces

interfaces {

    ge-0/0/2 {

       unit 0 {

            family ethernet-switching {

                  port-mode trunk;                                   # set interface to trunk mode

                  vlan {

                      members voice-vlan;                       # Adding the interface as a member of the voice vlan


                  native-vlan-id data-vlan;                       # Setting the data vlan as native to the trunk interface







ugo@switch> show ethernet-switching interfaces