Configuration Library
Configuration Library

Generating configs with the UNIX shell in your Junos device

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‎12-23-2011 07:40 AM


Just something to share with you


Generating JUNOS config with UNIX shell scripts

Platform:         Whatever Junos device you need

OS:                   As long as it’s junos you’re fine


I ran into a lot of repeating config lines lately. This is a problem to me, because I really don’t like typing (don’t even think about counting all the typo’s I posted here). Since I come from a UNIX background I wrote some scripts to generate the needed code for me. I know you can do a lot with Junos scripting to of course, but I tend to use what I know instead of what I have to learn when there’s pressure on a project. I was pleased with the results so maybe I can help some of you to start thinking about scripts for your own needs.


I wasn't sure where to post it, but the config library comes closest to where I wrote it for.


See the pdf for full text.


Junos is great!

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