Configuration Library
Configuration Library

Reminder - please use the template, and annotate your configs

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‎11-17-2010 03:53 AM

CONFIGURATION LIBRARY TEMPLATE:             (template updated 1/14/2011)

Title:  Configuration Example - <brief description> 


(Put title in Subject)


Product:  (Required field) 

Version:  (Required field) 


Network Topology:    (Required field) 

Include an illustration or a simple description of how the devices in your configuration are connected to each other.

Note:  If preferred, the Network topology can be provided as an attachment.  A maximum of three attachments can be added.


Description (Required field) 

Include the following:

-        Purpose—the problem your configuration is solving

-        Description of the configuration

-        What is unique about your configuration (Optional) 

Sample descriptions (see attachment)


Configuration:   (Required)

-        Include complete (all relevant configuration for your environment) configuration scenario                       

-        Annotate your configuration with comments

Example configuration with comments

How to add comments to Junos configuration


Attach your configuration with confidential information removed and comments added.

Note:  For configurations of Juniper products that are based on a GUI interface, it is recommended to put the completed screenshots (with comments) in Powerpoint or Word (and save it as a PDF).


Configuration postings which are copies or pointers to Juniper Networks documents, training material, and Knowledge Base will not be eligible for the iPad drawing.


Verification:   (Optional field)

Show commands or debug output