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Configuration Library

Title: Configuration of redundant trunk links between switches

‎11-23-2010 10:58 AM

Product: EX Switch

Version: 9.5



Configuring redundant trunk links places the primary link and the secondary link in a redundant group. However, a primary link need not be configured. If a primary link is not specified, the software compares the two links and selects the link with the highest port number as the active link. This configuration creates a redundant trunk group called group1 on Switch 3. The trunk ports ge-0/0/9.0 and ge-0/0/10.0 are the two links in group1. The trunk port ge-0/0/9.0 will be configured administratively as the primary link. The trunk port ge-0/0/10.0 will be the secondary link.


Configure the redundant trunk group and the trunk ports


ethernet-switching-options {
    redundant-trunk-group {
        group-name group1 {                                          # set the redundant trunk group as group 1
            interface ge-0/0/9.0 primary;                          # configure the trunk port ge-0/0/9.0 as the primary link
            interface ge-0/0/10.0;                                      # configure the trunk port ge-0/0/10.0 as the secondary link



ugo@switch> show redundant-trunk-group group1